Podavach loader Podavach loader

In the beginning, there were two friends. Brought together by mutual appreciation for firearms, they explored accessory concepts that could make gun-wielding a more comfortable experience for both beginning and seasoned gun enthusiasts everywhere.

In 2015, after a round of testing and prototyping they decided it was high time to give their designs a shot – and Podavach was founded. Together with Podavach, its first innovative product was released: a U-Loader for fast, pain-free charging that made handling rifles such as AR-15 easier and swifter even for the owners without long-time training. 

In the next 3 years, the company’s growth has been a blast, shooting through the roadmap, hitting objective under objective.

Nowadays, Podavach is a well-known firearms accessories manufacturer with over 25,000 loyal customers, 30 official dealers in the United States, and a rich assortment of products – from equipment for AR-15, AK, and Ruger Mini owners to the brand new U-LOADER that was released May 2018 and has been favored by the buyers ever since.

Every person in the Podavach Team is guided by a simple understanding: it takes 100% to provide a good service in a firearms-related industry, and it takes even more to create a service that takes for every little thing into account, turns delivery period into a pleasant wait and exceeds every expectation.

Therefore, quality above everything else is the brand’s mission. That includes:

  • Quality of materials. Only eco-friendly materials are used in product development: durable, heat-resistant Baltic Birch Plywood, waterproof polymer finish for extra resilience, natural leather, etc.
  • Quality of production. The manufacturing is monitored by over 20 experts who perform quality assessment at every stage of development, packing and shipping.
  • Quality of approach. Podavach was developed by gun fans for gun fans of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels.

When it comes to delivering a brand new experience of buying and shooting, Podavach is locked and loaded.