Podavach loader Podavach loader
U-LOADER AR15 + AK Speed Loader Hot

U-LOADER AR15 + AK Speed Loader

U-LOADER AR10 Magazine Speed Loader IN STOCK

U-LOADER AR10 Magazine Speed Loader

Mag Range Bag NEW IN STOCK

Mag Range Bag

Carry Case for AR15+AK Speed Loaders IN STOCK

Carry Case for AR15+AK Speed Loaders


Mag Pouch AR15+AK


Spare Pusher For U-Loader AR-15 + AK




This is the U-Loader by Podavach. I've tried a bunch of these type of magazine loaders. This one is very well thought out. It's light, small, handy and works like a charm with both AK and AR15 magazines in a host of calibers including .556, .223, 300 Blackout, 7.62x39, and others.

Tim Harmsen (Military Arms Channel)
Tim Harmsen (Military Arms Channel)

This magazine loading tool allows you to load any AK-47 or AK-74 magazine and even AR-15 standard magazine. It has little hash marks in the loading channel showing you where to stop putting the rounds based on the magazine that you’re using. This is a very interesting little device.


One of the big things about this loader - it will not only load your AR-15 magazine but also your AK-47. It’s a very easy system. I’ve done some reviews on a couple of different lading boards but this is the original.

The Firearm Blog
The Firearm Blog

From the paint, markings, cardboard packaging, to even the website of the company, there is a very professional and well taken care of feel for the loader. It being multi-caliber this is a huge plus in the United States where oftentimes people can be going to the range with a multitude of calibers.

Kit Badger
Kit Badger

Loading up magazines to go shoot at the range isn’t usually the most fun part of training. But you can’t really get away from it. You need ammo to feed your rifle. Podavach U-LOADER makes the process easier. I’ve had good success with Magpul, Tango Down, Lancer, USGI and ASC magazines.

The Selous Armory
The Selous Armory

When it comes to the range, setup and reloading take away so much time from shooting. This loader solves this issue. It’s light and durable and the @hexmag and @magpul mags eat the rounds right up. Try these guys out!

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